About Us

Newcomputerlink.com, the Computer Sale Service Store, has established by the leburus person Mr Ravi kumar, since 2015. This company is going to famous in the market in the bright of computer selling and assembling. Best computer gadgets are available on the website of Newcomputerlink.com at current, affordable price, motive of this company is not only the sell the products but also the providing service with good behavior we are available on all over country and abroad.

Newcomputerlink is a hyper-local marketing system, based in India, which focuses on connecting to its customers via both the online marketing. The company is mainly focused on B2C e-commerce marketing, Delivering Computers, Accessories and associated Services to the people with a door to door provision of delivering. Newcomputerlink deals with providing its customers with all kind of Laptops, Computers, Monitors, TV,Peripherals, Softwares (antiviruses, operating systems, Microsoft products etc.), Hardware, Printers and other Services like repairing, formatting, CCTV and All Electronics Applications at the best price compared to the online/offline marketplace. Working as a Zero Inventory System.

Newcomputerlink pertains to achieve the goal of just-in-time inventory management.

  1. Login to www.Newcomputerlink.com to get the Newcomputerlink world on screen, choose your favorite brand/model, place an order, done!
  2. Visit our store directly walking in. Our Address
  3. Massage your query/order in detail, we will respond you the moment you connect to us.

Some unique features Newcomputerlink concentrates on delivering to its customers are:

  • We don’t just deliver products, we install the complete system (computer/laptop/printer/CCTV/hardware…) and make sure the product is working, all in the customer’s presence.
  • Customer satisfaction is a prime motive of Newcomputerlink. Newcomputerlink is a Zero Inventory System, but it assures you to deliver the finest products in the city.